Partner Program


There are five tiers of ExpensifyApproved! partners, based on the number of monthly active users that you help bring to Expensify. Increase your tier status by onboarding more clients and watch the discounts grow!

Active users


+Champion Bonus

Active Users0 to 20


+Champion Bonus5%

Active Users21 to 99


+Champion Bonus20%

Active Users100 to 499


+Champion Bonus25%

Active Users500 to 999


+Champion Bonus30%

Active Users1000+


+Champion Bonus

More than just a partner: become a champion.

Use Expensify internally to manage your firm’s expenses and receive an additional 5% Champion Bonus to apply to your clients.

Champion Bonus:

  • 5% monthly product discount
  • Internal adoption of Expensify by firm
  • Independent of Approved! Tier

In 2018, we took our top partners to Bora Bora for an invite-only retreat where industry leaders shared their visions of the future through networking, discussions, and keynotes on the latest trends. Where will we go next?

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