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With the ExpensifyApproved! Partner Program, you receive discounts, training, and support from our product experts. Whether you work for a Top 10 firm or you're an independent bookkeeper, managing your clients' receipts and expenses has never been easier.

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Forty percent of the Top 100 U.S. accounting firms partner with Expensify.

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  • Discounts for you and your clients
  • Access to our client onboarding team
  • Training and support resources
  • Central dashboard to manage client receipts and expenses
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Exclusive networking events like ExpensiCon
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Free Expensify training and certification for any accountant — all graduates get a free Expensify account!

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Benefits for Your Clients

Tired of chasing down clients' receipts every month? Wow your clients with Expensify's mobile app that makes receipt tracking and reimbursement easy and quick.

One-click receipt capture

Clients just snap a photo of each receipt when an expense is incurred, and the expense report is done!

Next-day reimbursement

Set up your clients to reimburse their employees automatically with Expensify’s ACH direct deposit.

Easy-to-use mobile app

No more spreadsheets, no more lost receipts, and no more manual data entry. Expensify’s mobile app makes it easy for your clients to track receipts on-the-go and submit expense reports on time.

Best-in-breed automation

Why waste your clients’ time with spreadsheets when expense reports can be automatically submitted, approved, and reimbursed? Spend time running the business and let expense management take care of itself.

Trusted by accountants, loved by clients.

Firms big and small use Expensify to close the books on expense reporting agony.

Expensify is a trusted partner of the AICPA and

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